You can again participate at the Tour de Denmark that we introduced in 2004. In 2020 with start at two different places in Denmark.

  1. 1)      In Højer, near the Danish-German border.
  2. 2)      In Hanstholm, in the North.

We meet 5 days before INTSAAB2020 on Sunday and we will find campsites, cottages or hotels for you to choose among. Each day we will be driving to a new destination in Denmark, where we will guide you to new sights according to your wishes. In the evening our Saab Guides will conclude about the experinces and assist you, if you have unexpected problems with your SAAB, or other problems that our dedicated SAAB Guides can contribute to solving.

On the final evening of Tour de Denmark, we will all meet at the same destination with the opportunity of arriving together at INTSAAB2020 on the Friday before lunch to meet other participants that arrive directly from all over Europe.

During the next few months, we will prepare further details and inform you where camping, cottages and hotels can be booked. You must contact the places for your own booking.

The price for participation will be €25 per participant.

For registration and contact regarding this Tour de Denmark, please contact, or mobile 0045 99 55 27 86.